Welcome to The Lewis Group/CORFAC International Blog!

We didn’t decide to launch our blog on Earth Day because it was Earth Day – even though it is pretty cool, when you think about it, to celebrate our only habitable planet. Rather, the date was a coincidence.

We launched the blog to coincide with our new company website. The website is built with the latest technology, called ‘responsive design,’ so that the screen adapts to the device from which the website is being viewed, beginning with hand-held phones. Our site navigates beautifully on a phone, as well as an iPad or full-size monitor.

We implemented the new site and had it built by a team of professionals to not only refresh our main marketing platform, but to address the new world of mobility. Our marketing advisors tell us that more than half of all web searches are now conducted on mobile phones, and within a couple of years, mobile search is expected to exceed 70% of all searches, regardless of the browser. And here is a little secret that should motivate everyone to rebuild their websites based on ‘responsive design”: Google announced that “mobile friendliness” would affect a company’s search rankings (you know, “search engine optimization.”) Which means your company website is less likely to get on page 1 of relevant searches, if your site is not mobile friendly.

We hope you check our blog periodically for useful news, information and short stories on the Raleigh Triangle, and particularly on doing business here in this great community. And because of our affiliation with SIOR, CCIM and CORFAC International, from time-to-time we might write about something from beyond the state line, if it is relevant to our world and the work we do in the commercial real estate services arena.