The Accolades for the Raleigh Triangle Keep Pouring In!

Raleigh was recently ranked as the 2nd-best city for tech job creation by Forbes magazine.

Just days earlier fDi (weird spelling but correct!), a division of Financial Times, ranked Raleigh #1 on the list of top mid-size “American cities of the future.”

This shout out came in about the same time that NerdWallet, a website that focuses on personal finances (but not just for nerds!), cited Durham as one of “America’s Greenest Cities.”

Collectively, it makes us wonder why these news and information sources apparently have all this extra time on their hands, to make up lists and rankings, instead of reporting and researching the news. We digress.

Collectively, what the accolades mean is what those of us who live and work here already know; the Triangle is a great place to work, live and play. And our future only seems brighter.

Recapping the above-mentioned accolades:
Forbes gave Raleigh a score of 39 percent, representing the percentage increase in new STEM-related jobs in the past decade (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Austin, Texas was ranked first, while San Jose, California, came in third. It’s always nice to beat Silicon Valley – at anything!

Financial Times gave the region the highest ranking for a mid-size city based on multiple factors: economic potential, human capital and lifestyle, cost effectiveness, connectivity and business friendliness. You might be interested to know that New York City was #1 for a Major city, Vancouver, Canada got the nod for Large city, Sunnyvale, CA was first among Small cities and Greenville, SC ranked first among Micro cities.

NerdWallet took a look at 150 U.S. cities and analyzed how they compared in terms of environmental quality/pollution, transportation, energy sources and housing density. Durham ranked 19 and was the only North Carolina city in the top 25.

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